Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Big Ups to Big Bob (Bradley)

For being the first US coach in the Premiership. Wishing him much success-- and hoping that he NEVER uses the word "soccer" in association with the beautiful sport.


The only time I'll root against him is when the Swans face the Red & Blue of SE25!

VP Debate: Pence v. Kaine

Hello beloved readers. It's been quite a while, but I have a quick one here as I watch the VP Debate:
  • Kaine interrupting WAY too much
  • Both guys talking over one another a bit too much, but mostly due to bullet #1; and finally
  • Agree with his positions or not, why isn't PENCE the Presidential candidate?!? He's head and shoulders (and torso and legs) above the his Presidential-candidate running mate-- i.e. he can calmly and measuredly string together a sentence composed of more than 3 words-- none of which are superlatives-- without mentioning Rosie O'Donnell or going down a rabbit hole

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Big Trucks: If Only I Could Create the Venn Diagram

So, after extensive research I've come to the conclusion that:

All drivers of BIG Trucks ≠ Rednecks

The Proof: I saw a BIG truck on Mopac with a Ultimate Frisbee sticker on it!? Wot?! 

Or perhaps it simply leads to an alternative theorem:

All Ultimate players ≠ Hippies

The Proof: I saw a BIG truck on Mopac with an Ultimate sticker on it, remember?

Conclusion: either there's a subset of the hippie population that does drive BIG trucks, OR there are some BIG truck drivers/lovers who are actually hippies on the DL . . . .

OK, So This Guy's Officially an Idiot

Need I say more?


We love our Troops. Welcome our Troops home. These colors don't run--- blah, blah, blah

But we actually don't REEEEALLY trust them after all?! wot?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I Just Don't Get It (a REALLY old post I didn't publish but will share for your enjoyment)

I know someone who used to say (and, now based on pretty concrete evidence has put her money where her mouth is), that she could only date guys of one certain race because they were the only types she was attracted to . . . . hmmh

I'll write more later, but come on, REALLY?

Yes, many people have a "type". But there are always some seriously good-looking people who fall outside of that type.

And the most ironic thing is that this person stuck to her guns, getting one of her "types"; but if that's the sacrifice you have to make to stay true to your self-- then maybe one's type/taste just isn't so good. OK, looks, sans trabajo ≠ good looking, even IF you actually are . . . .

At Least He Said, "I'm Sorry" (for accidentally shooting you)

Another week (last), another brutha shot by a policeman.

Those who think this is ok will say, well he shouldn't have been trying to sell a gun to an undercover officer. But similar to the Walter Scott scenario-- you MAY remember his being killed ummmm . . . . . last week-- a busted tail light, or selling a gun (not pointing it, etc), walking around in a hoodie (oh wait, that killer wasn't even a cop-- THANKS Florida!) are not crimes that should to a death sentence. I mean maybe in N. Korea or in ISIS controlled territory. But I wasn't aware that we'd altered the US Constitution to revoke the right to a trial by jury in lieu of summary execution?! I think I missed that Amendment.

So I mentioned in the past few days-- running from the cops probably isn't the best idea. In most people's minds that equates to he/she's guilty, otherwise they wouldn't run away from me. And while most humans would probably think similarly, the simple conclusion is that someone running AWAY FROM you poses little threat to your personal safety. Maybe they're running off into the woods because they're a Prepper (is that correct?) and they just happen to have a stash of guns, grenades, bombs, anthrax, maybe an F-16 in the woods RIGHT by where they were pulled over (Oh wait, that's the honkys (ha-ha) who do that sh**. Bruthas are too lazy to be diggin' some big hole to put all their gold chains and guns in-- just in case the end-of-the-world were to begin.)

But on a serious note-- and this would take another entire entry or two or five-- guess what: There are larger, engrained dynamics at play around why more bruthas (per capita) have runs-ins with the law. Similar to the economic dynamics laid out in my oft-read and cited piece on immigration (and how THOSE people are ruining our country, btw), there are similar historical and cultural forces at play here.

Ask yourself, why would somebody want to go out and make maybe what, $400/week ($20,800, gross/year), at a fast-food joint when you could, what, double that with a little more risk-- i.e. engaging in slightly "more risky" work (or in the other case, crossing the border-- though the multiplier there is closer to 10x).

I wonder if I should just change the name of your beloved "Stuff" to "Shootin' Bruthas"?

Sunday, 12 April 2015


4 and 3 and 2 and 1-- what up-- and when I'm on the mic the sucka's run . . .  just like Walter Scott tried to do

The latest officer-"involved" shooting in Charleston raises questions about whether a fashion change might actually help save lives.

Of course, we start with the assumption that running from the cops isn't the best idea; that could of course be coupled with another heuristic that shooting someone in the back-- who is retreating or running AWAY from you-- constitutes murder.

But what if we gave up the saggin' pants (and also suits and other normal clothes) and started wearing kevlar vests with helments-- maybe a little lower abdomen body armor to protect the intestines and nads. While it might not LOOK so cool or tough, such "fashion" could have stopped most, it not all of the bullets the struck Walter Scott.

I mean how coo . . . ., errr, protected-lookin' is this guy?! (still needs the groin accessory)
Image result for kevlar vest

You can even get one for your pet!

There cold be an entire cottage industry just waiting to spring up. You could probably even weave kevlar into some trousers (shout out to my UK peeps!). If you could get some of those bruthas I see with pants just about to fall down to pull them up,  my kevlar Sean Johns could totally look hella cool and also save lives.

Of course, it would set you back a cool $300- $500 for such a survival, I mean, STYLE investment! Luckily, black goes with everything!